“I enjoyed the presentations today… many good tips and delivered in an engaging way…. Jacqui is awesome!”

“Today’s session was informative and interactive, something the team really appreciated.”

“Loved the presentation this morning. Great stuff.”

“Rapport is very important and is really difficult to establish on the phone where folks speak English as a second language. Getting tips on breathing, voice pitch and speed was really useful and I will definitely use them…. Top banana.”

“Overall, it was a very productive hour for me. Lots of things learned that I’ll put into practice.”

“Jacqui is a talented, intuitive person.  One can never learn enough about the art of communicating.”

“Many thanks for a very interesting and fun training session on building rapport today.  I’m delighted it covered all the key points about communication that we value….”

“Absolutely brilliant – the very first ‘remote’ presentation I have attended that specifically addresses rapport and communications when you have to do it other than face to face. I also thought it was great how Jacqui talked for about 15 minutes without flashing up loads of slides.”

“My sales training/coaching sessions with Jacqui have equipped me with the tools and skills in what is a new and challenging direction for me. Jacqui is totally professional and highly experienced, her engaging and supportive approach ensured thought-provoking and enjoyable sessions and have inspired me to have a more focused, motivated and confident approach.”

“I very much enjoyed working with Jacqui. She was very well organised which made all the sessions flow smoothly towards attaining my goals. Jacqui’s friendly and empathetic manner made me feel at ease and it felt almost as though she was a friend I had known for some time. At all times she acted professionally and was very knowledgeable about the material and interventions she was using. The outcome of the sessions were, for me, very positive. If you feel that working with a NLP Practitioner might be beneficial to you then I would recommend that you contact Jacqui.”

“Jacqui is a delightful person to work with. She uses sensitivity and insightfulness to coach a client into working things out. This style was extremely helpful for me. I was able to sort out well hidden challenges in order to move forward. Jacqui was instrumental in helping me do this. Even after sessions she keeps contact and cares. I would recommend Jacqui any day!”

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