Time for a spring clean?

spring_clean_your_thinkingOK so this is about the fifth time I’ve actually sat down to write this post.  Every time I’ve come close to parking at my laptop I’ve been waylaid by the urge to tidy and throw stuff out.  And if I said it had happened 20 times I probably wouldn’t be exaggerating.

My wardrobe – just got a tidy up, chuck out and yet another bag of stuff filled to go to the charity store.  And let me just say that I had less clothes than my husband to start with ….

The garden’s been tidied.  Not once, but twice!  Old pots emptied, plants trimmed, lawn mowed and everything readied for spring – though this year I’m guessing we’ll hop straight to summer.

Our annex, aka ‘the gym’, had been cleaned out, hoovered and wooden floor washed.

My home office – and just to be clear that’s my main office as I work from home – has been hit by a whirlwind, buckets of rubbish dumped, desk de-cluttered and everything put back in its place.

I’ve sorted through my book collection and chucked another dozen that I’ll never read again or that just plain irritate me.  So I’m down to about 50 on paper (and a couple of thousand on my Kindle – but who can see that!).

A long, long, long list of house and garden jobs has been written and all ticked off!

A bikini diet has been planned considering it’s 14 weeks, and now just 13 weeks, to summer vacation …

Now this makes me sound like a tidy freak.  I’m not.  But moss doesn’t grow on any rock around here – even during normal service.  I’m also not a person that’s attached to clutter or ‘stuff’ by any means.

So how did this tidy, chuck, clean extravaganza start?

Well … I was out to dinner about 10 days ago now.  A great evening with a couple of wonderful people.

One of these lovely ladies recommended a book on benefits of tidying that she was really enjoying.  That same day I’d added it to my Kindle ….

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective  way to banish clutter forever

But …

I haven’t even opened the book yet.  So it must be magic!  It’s had a huge effect and I haven’t even opened the first page.

OK that’s it.  My patience is done.  That urge is back again.  I’m off – no box, no cupboard, no room is safe in our house today.  Watch out husband – if you sit too long on the sofa there’s no telling what will happen!!

But think about this – how susceptible are you to the power of suggestion?  Watch out for next weeks post.


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