What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

2123584_smallWhat are you afraid of?  Don’t say nothing.  I won’t believe you.

Have you ever had to make one of those big decisions?  The kind that can change your life?  The kind that may turn out great?  But the kind that in your cynical mind could lead to disaster, regret and massive self-criticism?

The kind that can make that fear grow like an alien inside you – swelling in your chest, burping noxious gasses, squeezing your pounding heart in vice-like grip and taking control of your body.

Yep?  Been there?  Done that?

Fear is certainly an unpleasant emotion.  You may be afraid, be fearful, be scared, be apprehensive, be terrified, downright dread, cower,tremble, cringe or even flinch.  You fear the threat of PERCEIVED danger, pain, or harm.  BUT is it real?

When I started this blog I began with the tag line  “You can do what you want, if you don’t think you can’t, so don’t think you can’t, think you can.”  If I’m honest I can’t even remember where I found that quote, nor who it was from.  (But is anyone can remind me I’d appreciate it and will add the reference.) 

The simple truth is that your body can’t tell the difference of when you’re afraid of something real – like a bear actually rushing in through your front door – or something perceived – like fear of failing to get that next promotion at some in-determinant point in the future.

Perhaps it’s …

Fear of failure

Fear of being alone

Fear of the unknown or unexpected

Fear of making, or having made, the wrong decision

Fear of being found out as a fraud

Fear of being ridiculed

Fear of fear itself

Chronic fear weakens our immune system.  It can cause cardiovascular damage, problems with your gut, it can make you tired, depressed, accelerate ageing and it can even affect your brain, your decision-making capabilities and your memory.  The more you continue to be anxious, to be scared, the harder it becomes to regulate that fear.  The world gets more and more scary.  The walls close in around you.

Our thoughts are just thoughts.  They come and go.  Like clouds drifting across the sky.  You can pay attention to them IF you choose.  Your thoughts do NOT control you.  You control your thoughts.  Your thoughts are NOT you.

So what would you do, right now, if you weren’t afraid?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  Henry Ford


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