I’ve Missed Me

Empty DeckchairsIt’s been a while.

Too long a while.

Where have I been?

Convincing myself I’m busy.  Very, very busy.

Why haven’t I been here?

I thought I didn’t have time.

I thought didn’t have the brain power left after a hard day – because I was so busy.

I convinced myself that there was some sort of value in keeping myself busy, busy, busy.

Is ‘busy’ good?  Is ‘busy’ efficient?  Does ‘busy’ help you achieve your dreams?

Or is it just an excuse?

To avoid thinking.

To avoid your fears.

To avoid pain.

To avoid discomfort.

To stay in your comfort zone.

To use to blame others because you haven’t achieved what you dreamed about …

I’ve been too busy.

How often do you use being busy as an excuse?

To avoid the things you really should be doing.

To avoid the hard stuff.

To hide from courage.

I can’t because I’m very, very, very busy.  Way too busy!

Do you convince yourself that because you’re busy you must be achieving something?

In reality are you wishing away each day, week, month, year, decade, life …

Marking time.

Lost in the small stuff.

Head in the sand.

You did something so it must be good.


Could you take 2 minutes to just reconnect to the day?

Stop being busy for the sake of being busy.

Right now.

Close your eyes.

Breath deep.  Three times.  In …..  Out …..

Now ask yourself.

Can you do something more than just being busy for the sake of being busy?


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