18,546,570 Minutes

Right Here Right Now“Live every day like it’s your last!”

“Life’s too short.”

“Seize the day.”

The clock keeps ticking.

The pressure is on.

And we’re all too darn BUSY to think.

Time is a finite resource.  That’s the way it is.  There are only 1440 minutes in a day.

However, we seem to behave as if time is infinite.  At the deepest level we simply deny the fact that death exists in our every day lives.

We’re too busy to think.  We MAKE OURSELVES too busy to think.  Being busy allows us to stick our heads even farther in the sand.  We avoid taking stock of our lives.  We neglect to take action.  We’re too busy being busy.

We let ourselves slog on in jobs we hate or that don’t fit us.  We stay in marriages that are toxic to both parties.  We keeping on eating too much or drinking just one more glass of wine.  We promise ourselves that we’ll start exercising tomorrow.  We allow ourselves to believe that we’ll be happy next year when this is all over.

How often does a thought pop into your head and your reaction is …  I’m too busy to think about that?

We’re scared that if we drop the ball.  If we don’t get that next thing done.  If we don’t work those extra hours, instead of having dinner with our families.  Then maybe we’ll lose the next deal, or miss the next promotion opportunity, or even get fired.  And if you lose your job all would be lost in your world.

Once you create that regime of fear in your head you stop being true to yourself.  You stop living the life you want.  It’s nothing more than slow suicide.

I’ve lived for almost 25 million minutes.  Assuming I live to the average female life expectancy in the UK of 82.5 years, though going by family history I may hang around an extra 10 years or so to bug everybody, then I have 18,546, 570 minutes left.

And now it’s 18,546, 569 minutes left …

Maybe we can’t change the world in a day, but we can change our lives by just stopping and giving ourselves the chance to think.  STOP making the excuse that we’re too busy.

Sit down.  Give your mind a few minutes of peace.

Be mindful of the emotions swirling in your mind and body.  What’s the weather like?

Take a breath.  Nice and slow.  Feel your chest rise and fall.

Become aware of how your body connects with your environment.  Perhaps you can feel the floor beneath your feet.  Or the touch of the chair against your back.  What’s that like?

Listen to the sounds around you – kids playing, birds tweating, cars going by……

See the light bouncing around you.  The colours, the shadows, the textures.

Sensations come and go.  Like clouds passing across the sky.

And remember…

 “…  grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

The insight to prioritize wisely what I want to change;

The patience to resist trying to control everything I could, had I the energy and the time;

The courage and skill to change the things I have chosen to change;

And the wisdom to know the difference among all these.”

Adapted from the Serenity Pray by Edward M Hallowell MD in CrazyBusy.




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