Right Here, Right Now …

Right Here Right NowThere is only NOW.

Only this very moment exists.

The past is only a memory.

The future is a figment of your imagination, existing only in your mind.

Do you live in the moment?

How aware are you?  Right here, right now?

How much do waste the present looking forward to when something is over?

How much do you wish your time away until such and such happens?

How often do you think I’ll be happy when I have this or that or something else?

How frequently do you think it will all be alright when this is come and gone?

How often do you catch yourself looking back and saying I wish I’d done this or hadn’t done that?

How often do you get swept up in reliving those awful negative emotions of a past event?

How much time do you spend feeling guilt-ridden about the past?

Or how much time do you waste worrying about the future?

Do you lose yourself in busyness and miss life passing you by?

Do you walk through life staring at your feet?

Here’s a few simple facts.

There is only today.

There is only this present moment.

There is no future.

There is no past.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Feel that?

There is only…

Right here.  Right now.


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