Embrace the Shake: Mindful Acceptance Inspires Creativity

Mindful AcceptanceCould you imagine embracing your limitations to kick-start your creativity?

In this fantastic TED talk Phil Hansen explains exactly how he accepted his own limitation of a tremor in his hand.

That acceptance threw open the flood gates to thinking inside the box (yep I really do mean inside), momentous inspiration and life-changing creativity.

Acceptance is one of the key attitudinal foundations of mindfulness.  If we can’t accept where we’re at, then how can we move forward?

I ran into exactly this yesterday.  I had a training session to put together for next Tuesday and very little time to put it together.  I’ve had a total mental block on what to include in the session for the past couple of weeks while I’ve struggled with my lack of time to prepare. 

Once I stepped back yesterday, accepted that my time to prepare was extremely limited, it was as if a light bulb went off in my head.  I could finally work within my box.  My creativity kicked in and in a matter of seconds I had a solution. 

A format that fitted the preparation time I had available and that would also provide the people attending my session with a fantastic experience.  Problem solved.



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