Best Knickers Always – No Excuses!

best knickers alwaysHave you noticed?  That you tend to find things that mean something to you, just when you need them most?

Maybe it’s a book that triggers a moment of inspiration, helping you answer a crucial question about your life that’s been driving you nuts for months.  Or perhaps inspiring you to take a new path.

Maybe it’s an unexpected call from a friend, in an hour of need, that gives you the strength to continue.

Maybe it’s a blog post that drops in to your email with tricks and tips on going from good to great as a presenter, the day before your big presentation.

Maybe it’s a friends wonderful achievement of a dream, that stimulates your own motivation to achieve a similar goal.

I know.  It all sounds a bit like hocus pocus.  Some people say – think of what you want and the universe delivers.  Actually I don’t believe that – it’s you that delivers.  You’re the one that finds what you’re looking for…  It’s you that finds your own solution…  It’s you that will be a success.

One of the first blogs I stumbled across when I first started writing was Best Knickers Always by Rebecca Perkins.  I’m not sure what grabbed me.  A kindred spirit. A passion for people.  A lust for personal growth and development.

The ‘best knickers’ part certainly reminded me of my maternal grandmother a.k.a. Granny P – she always told me when you go out ‘wear your best knickers in case you get hit by a bus’.  And if you want to be mega safe make sure your knickers match your bra – so the doctor will know you have class!

Just last Wednesday Rebecca published her first book – Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife.  It turned out to be perfect timing for me – all my plans for the 5 day Easter break here in DK went out the window as I was flattened by the flu.  So it’s been a weekend of bed, sleep, a HUGE box of tissues, turning the TV up so I can hear the sound over my hideous, death-rattle cough and sticking my stuffed up nose in a whole pile of books.  Thank heavens for a Kindle and a wi-fi connection!

50 Lessons is a great little book.  Packed with short lessons.  To make you think.  To raise your awareness.  To ask you some challenging questions.  To inspire you to take action.  Perfect to keep by the bed to dip into each night.  To drop in your briefcase for between meetings.  Or to have on your Kindle when in need of inspiration or a kick in the butt.

Whatever the title, it’s not just for midlife.  It’s great reminders and lessons for anyone and everyone at almost any point in life.

I thought I’d pick out my favorite 5 and add my own spin:


Courage is ALL about heart.  It’s the mental strength or spirit to venture, persevere, and withstand – danger, fear, pain, or difficulty.  I am 100% sure you  have much more courage than you know.  And you see courage reflected in others where they themselves think they are exhibiting fear or weakness.


Anger and rage are two dangerous emotions – attempt to bury them for any length of time and they’ll feed more and more volatile fuel to the fire.  Add fear to the mix and you have a truly explosive cocktail.  Find your own method to release negative energy, accept lessons learned and move on without taking those emotions with you.


There is no one else that says… I can’t, I won’t, I shouldn’t, I give up…  Take a step back and listen to the words you use and consider the impact of those words on your behavior and your life.  It’s down to you to change what you say, what you think and what you do.


So many of us these days lead lives governed  by electronic wizardry.  Whether we work from home or from an office, we are never more than a couple of feet from our phone, our email and the internet delights of Facebook, Twitter and whatever the next big thing will be for us to waste time on.

Set yourself a challenge.  Switch off.  An hour.  Perhaps two.  Or even 24 on a weekend.  Get out in the garden.  Play with the kids.  Cook something different that you haven’t done before for dinner.  Read a book!  Whatever takes your fancy…


Excuses, excuses, excuses – get you absolutely nowhere.

Your life is your responsibility.

Your success is in your hands…


Vulnerability is NOT weakness – as I have said before.

Vulnerability IS about emotional risk, exposure and uncertainty.  Vulnerability IS our most accurate measure of courage.  Vulnerability IS the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

It’s all about daring greatly and having the courage to be in the arena.

What life lesson would you like to share?


2 responses to “Best Knickers Always – No Excuses!

  1. Jacqui, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad my book caught your imagination and inspired you. I love what you’ve written especially your take on your favourite lessons.
    Wishing you well my fellow kindred spirit.

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