Your body language shapes who you are – really!

Power-posing-superwomanLet’s face it.  We’re all fascinated by body language.  Particularly the meaning of other people’s body language!

What is your body language communicating to me and what is mine communicating to you?

We make sweeping judgements based on body language that can determine if you give that next applicant the job they applied for or if you say yes to the next guy that asks you on a date.

Body language obviously affects how others see us. but it may also change how we see ourselves.

Below you’ll find a link to a fantastic TED talk by Amy Cuddy.  Amy is a social psychologist fascinated by non-verbal expressions of power and dominance.  Non-verbal… that’s body language to you and me.

“When we think of non-verbals, we think of how we judge others. … We tend to forget, though, the other audience that’s influenced by our non-verbals: ourselves.”

In other words our body language doesn’t just sent a signal to those around us, but it sends a signal to ourselves.  We knew our minds change our bodies – now there is evidence our bodies change our minds.  Body language governs how we think and how we feel about ourselves.

“Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.”  Therefore we can increase the possibility of successfully reaching our desired goals.

Not only that.  If you want to increase your presence, show your passion, exhibit confidence, demonstrate your enthusiasm, or just be authentic, then the simple answer is… Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.

Find out more in Amy’s 20 minute video on how learning to do 2 minutes of power posing could change the course of your life or at least that next challenging meeting.  It’s thought-provoking, inspiring, educational and awesomely entertaining.  Keep watching right to the end for an extremely moving personal story and case study.

Watch the video and then let me know, which power pose will you be striking before your next challenging meeting to help you achieve a successful outcome?

[Picture credit – Graphic Leftovers Stock Images]


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