#12 The Meaning of Communication is the Response You Get!

NLP PRESUPPOSITION #12:  the meaning of communication is the RESPONSE you get.  Whatever you think you think you communicated if you get a different response than you intended then of course it’s that response that’s important.  Both parties involved have 100% responsibility for communication.  It’s your responsibility to communicate your message in such a way that the other person will understand it in the way you wanted them to understand it.

Well, that is until you get in a voice activated lift in Scotland!


(If you are of a nervous disposition or have an aversion to odd bursts of strong language, then I suggest you skip the laughs and the fun of the next 3 minutes and instead continue with your plain, boring, uneventful day.)


BEFORE YOU GO: HAVE YOUR SAY  Collaboration is all about working with other people.  Why does that sometimes seem to be so hard to do and create so much stress?  Go and take our 2 minute survey on collaboration – just click here.


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