Stress Busting: 5 Top NLP Tips

Stress.  None of us are immune to it.  A little can be good – like riding a fun, scream-inducing rollercoaster.  But too much is bad.  Destructive.  Debilitating.  Energy-sapping.  Mind numbing.  Sickness inducing.

Numbers suggest that as many as 50% of people going to their doctor are there for stress-related problems.

Stress is part of modern life.  We can’t eradicate it from our environment.  What we can do is manage stress more effectively.  To be more resilient.  To control stress instead of it controlling us.  To bounce back faster.  To be more relaxed.  To feel more gratitude, have fun and enjoy life.

So here are my 5 top tips:


20 minutes of getting your blood pumping each day works wonders.  It helps clear your mind and refreshes your body.  Whether it’s a brisk walk with the dog.  Or kickboxing your enemies with the Xbox.  Perhaps it’s stepping up and out on your Wii.  A swim with the kids.  A breath of fresh air and a trip out on your bike.  Whatever suits your life and fits your schedule.  Make it a top priority every day.


At the end of the day leave the day behind.  As you lay in bed allow your mind to relax.  Stop making that ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

Reflect on the day.  What learnings can you take from the events of the day that will allow you to release any negative emotions easily and effortlessly – things like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and any others that work for you?  Clear them out before they get the chance to accumulate and weigh you down.  Consider what you can learn instead…


There is no failure, only feedback.  Say the presuppositions of NLP.  Feedback is an incredibly powerful tool to help you change your behaviour and achieve the results you want.  Value it.  Appreciate it.  Use it to your advantage.


One of the most common symptoms of stress is that old feeling of overwhelm.  Counteract it by breaking that big massive goal or task down into smaller more manageable pieces.  Step by step.  Keep working on it until you’ve moved from a state of overwhelm to a state of control and clarity.


I’m Pavlovs dog when it comes to sleep as I slumber with ear plugs.  Pop those in and I have a hard time staying awake anywhere.  They’re in and I’m out.

On the rare occasions I have trouble sleeping I go to my perfect place.  A beautiful beach.  White sand.  Palm tress arching over the beach.  Their fronds gently moving in a soft, warm breeze.  Crystal clear, blue water.  I feel the warmth of the sand between my toes.  Hear the gentle noise of the waves lapping on to the beach.

I breathe deep, exhale slowly and close my eyes.  Think “beach”.  And I’m there.

Create your own perfect place and use it anywhere, any time, to give yourself some peace, space and a wonderful sense of relaxation.

What’s your top stress busting tip? 

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