The Illuminations of Spring Sunlight

I know it’s still only February, but the glorious sunshine, clear blue sky and warm temperatures have me thinking that it’s spring already.  Well 10 degrees Celsius is sultry compared to the -15 C we’ve had to endure regularly in the last couple of months!

This time of year it’s a special soft, gently warming kind of sunlight.  Those beams of sunlight seem to penetrate the darkest room and illuminate every speck of dust, every chip in the woodwork, every finger mark on a dirty window and every flaw in the wall paint of our old house.

Instead of looking and feeling warm and cosy, as it has all winter, the house suddenly seems cluttered, grubby, covered in cobwebs and in need of a good spring clean, a lick of paint and a fresh look.

But spring sunlight is special….

It illuminates your life.  It’s like a spotlight on a stage, highlighting the areas that are in need of a change, a good clear out or a clean up.

Does your job suddenly seem dusty, boring and uninspiring?

Do you feel stifled and suffocated by clutter?

Are you allowing a less than perfect relationship to drag you down?

Are you so stuck in your comfort zone that you’ve entirely stopped challenging yourself?

Do you feel the burst of spring energy to be creative in a new direction?

What is that spring sunlight illuminating for you?

When I first started studying NLP it was at almost exactly this time of year that I did my Practitioner course.

On the first day I was still set in my old cosy, comfortable, limited ways.  But that first day on a Practitioner course starts to stretch you boundaries, push your comfort zone and ultimately it will rock your world.  Just like that illuminating spring sunlight.

That first day can be hard.  Your comfortable little world has been just a bit too cosy for too long.  You were scared to even put one foot over the line.

I came home from day 1 thinking I’d come on the wrong course.  This wasn’t for me.  I didn’t like the feeling of being gently, but firmly pushed out of my comfort zone.  I felt like I was falling off a cliff in slow motion and I had nothing to grab on to….

But just like spring the sunlight of the course began to shine so clearly.  It acted like a spotlight on a stage.  It illuminated a massive list of limiting beliefs that I’d held so dear and used to hold myself back.  I can’t, I shouldn’t, I mustn’t…  It illuminated the huge, heavy garbage can of negative emotions that I’d been carrying around on my back full of fear – anger – shame – sadness – guilt – and even jealousy.

I gained a shining insight and awareness of how I thought and how I behaved.  I learned that the only thing standing in my way to achieving success was ME.

And just like spring sunlight that stimulates so many of us to clean, paint, renovate or change our environment it showed me how easy it was to change myself and how fast (almost as the speed of sunlight) I could achieve it.

What inspires you this spring?

What is the sunlight illuminating in your life?

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