What is Collaboration? Help Required!

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, or just not listening to my endless drivel, then you’ll know I’m planning to launch a new blog later this year.  I have to be honest the original plan was to have it up by January 13th.  Then that got shifted to March or April and right now I’m planning on September.

Why the delay you might ask?  Well when COLLABORATOLOGY launches I want it to be all singing and all dancing.  It’s going to be self-hosted so it can fill its own boots and grow in the big bad world outside the wonderful WordPress free hosting where GATEHOUSE THIRTEEN resides.

From day 1 I want it to be filled to bursting with fascinating content – best practice, expert opinions, easy to use tools and researched facts – that will help you collaborate with those around you more effectively.  Be that with your colleagues at work, be it with suppliers or clients, or even at home with your family.

Let’s face it no person and no company can exist as an island these days.  Imagine if you could influence, persuade, motivate, negotiate and communicate amazingly, without even breaking a sweat.

To get the ball rolling I’ve put together a short survey on what collaboration means to people, what are the most important factors in building a great collaboration and what blows it all to pieces most frequently.

And I’d love to hear your opinion.  Oh yes I KNOW you have one.

It’s 10 quick questions and the answers are all tick boxes, so if you’re a mouse wizard then you’ll have it all done in less than 2 minutes.  If you’re not – well please don’t blame me.  But as practice makes perfect I can guarantee that answering the survey will help you improve!

So here’s the link, knock yourselves out.

Click here to take survey

And a BIG juicy thank you from me for giving up 2 minutes of your life to help me out.

Have a great day!


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