Ducks in Chaos, Comfort Zones and Other Stressful Matters…

It’s been one of those weeks.  Nothing has gone to plan, new tasks have kept coming out of the proverbial woodwork, and my brain seems to have decided to close down for an early Christmas break.  Or perhaps it’s gone into hibernation, triggered by the clocks going back a couple of weeks ago?  Thinking straight, being creative (i.e. writing blog posts) or staying awake past 9 o’clock in the evening, have been way outside my capabilities.  Actually my husband may even tell you I haven’t even made it to 9 o’clock consistently.  Sound familiar to anyone?

So what is going on, you might ask.  Well….  I’m a very “ducks in a row” kind of person.  I like things to be planned in advance, I love lists, I can’t live – or even vaguely function – without my calendar in Outlook, and I can get anxious if plans are changed at the last minute or if things pop up that I haven’t been previously told about.  I even have an Excel database of my blog posts so that I can track the different topics I’ve covered, quotes I’ve used and what’s been posted when.  And it gets worse – I finished my Christmas shopping last weekend.  Sad soul, I hear you cry!   Thank goodness that my husband is extremely understanding of what he sees as my ‘psycho tendencies’ – his words, not mine!

So why such stress this particular week?  I could blame a bunch of things.  But there is one simple answer.  I’m pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  Outside that comfy little world where I know how everything works, where everything fits, I have everything under control and I know what I need to add to my ‘to do’ list.  I’m working on launching a new blog.

It will be bigger, better and different to this one.  I’m dipping my toe into the world of professional blogging.  I’m learning about moving to a self-hosted blog (instead of nestling comfortably in WordPress’s safe, caring arms as I am here), about email marketing, landing pages, building subscribers, the intricacies of SEO, tags, best practice for professional blogs, content dos and don’ts, the pros and cons of guest posts….as well as developing content for the new site, starting work on my first eBook and all sorts of other tasks.  Can you see why my ducks are having a festival of chaos, my brain is fried and my stress levels are through the roof?!

So what will this new blog be about and what happens to this one?  Let’s take it one step at a time.  I’ll be telling you more about the new blog and calling for your help next week.  Perhaps this quote from Helen Keller will give you a little hint…  “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

And what happens to this one?  GATEHOUSE THIRTEEN won’t only survive, but will thrive.  This will remain as my personal development blog – inspiring you to achieve your dreams.

Now I’m off to spend my weekend (once I get that annoying little thing called Friday out of the way) chunking my plans down (using the NLP Hierarchy of Ideas….hmmmm, an NLP topic I haven’t covered for you as yet) into small achievable steps.  Should be an improvement on scaring the pants off myself with too much big picture and big plans, as I am right now…

So what is your best advice to someone feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

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