Baby Steps Become Giant Leaps

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about your goals at work, at home or for your life in general?  Do you avoid thinking about them because that feeling of overwhelm is just too uncomfortable or unpleasant?  Do you achieve your dreams, your goals and success when you avoid even thinking about them?  No, I guess not…  Perhaps you allow yourself to dream, just as long as you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s just a dream, and you could never expect to achieve it?! 

When I started this blog my goal was to inspire as many people as possible to achieve their dreams and help them along the way by teaching them the philosophies and techniques of NLP.  Of course my ultimate goal of a successful blog and connecting to a massive audience is the big picture for me, but I have been able to chuck that down into small, quick, achievable steps to make it happen.  And I still do that every day to keep the blog going, to continue posting, to maintain my creativity, try out new ideas and to improve my writing.

Many people who read my blog seem to think it must take up acres of time.  This will be my 130th post since starting in January and I average, almost exactly, 3 posts a week.  At an average of 600 words a post, that’s 78000 words published to date – enough for a decent size book!  Not so surprising then that people think I spend a lot of time writing.  

But the BIG LESSON for me has been how much you can achieve by investing  just a little time each day…

Taking into account reading, writing, posting and tweaking, I probably spend about 60 minutes a day on my blog.  That’s 7 hours a week, around 30 hours a month and 365 hours in a year.  It’s equivalent to a huge 10 full-time working weeks over that year (assuming a 37 and a half hour working week).  Wow!

But to me it seems like such a small daily investment in something I love, that helps me de-stress, creates new challenges at every turn and gives me energy.

What could you do a little of each day to make a significant change or difference in your life?

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