“Q” And The Art of Lying

What could a capital Q have to do with lying?  What is it about that letter that could tell you if someone is likely to be skilled at manipulating how others see them and tend to be good at lying?

I recently came across this interesting little test in a fascinating book by Professor Richard Wiseman (Prof. of Public Understanding of Psychology at University of Hertfordshire in the UK)  – Quirkology: The Curious Science of Every Day Lives.

Take the index finger of your dominant hand – the one you write with in other words – and draw a capital Q on your forehead.  Only when you’re done, scroll down and continue reading….

>>scroll down

>>scroll down

>>scroll down

>>scroll down

>>scroll down

Now take a look at the drawing.  Which way around did you draw the Q?  Facing you, as if you could read it from inside your head, as in picture A?  Or facing others, so other people can read it, as in picture B?

How you drew the Q is an approximation of your level of something called “self-monitoring”.

LOW self-monitors – reverse Q – picture A:

  • You’re the ‘same’ person whatever the situation
  • Your behaviour is guided by your inner feelings and values
  • You’re less aware of the impact you have on those around you
  • You don’t tend to lie often and so you’re less skilled at deceit

HIGH self-monitors – Q – picture B:

  • You tend to be concerned about how people see you
  • You’re happy to be the centre of attention
  • You adapt your behaviour easily to suit a given situation
  • You’re skilled at manipulating how others see you
  • As a result … you tend to be good at lying

When you found out what your Q suggested – were you really honest about how you drew it?  Absolutely honest?  A small number of people convince themselves they drew it the other way and are quite capable of ignoring the evidence on their forehead!  They’ll frequently twist the facts to delude themselves that they’re someone they’re not.  So the test is an interesting indicator of not only how good you are at deceiving others, but also how good you are at deceiving yourself!

What is it that you’re deceiving yourself about?

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2 responses to ““Q” And The Art of Lying

  1. I’m a reverse Q! I’m a reverse Q! Now what does my happy reaction to this say about me?

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