7 Ways NLP is Like a GPS (or a SatNav to the Brits Among You!)

Where were we before the invention of GPS’s?  Lost in a lot of instances!  The advent of the GPS has made finding your way around and efficient planning of travel time, including ETA, much easier.  It’s also put an ended a huge amount of marital strife –  think of all those arguments where one of you was driving and the other was trying to work out which way up the map went, where the heck you were and your destination was always just on a fold or over the page.  The divorce rate must surely have declined since GPS’s arrived! 

Yesterday Michael Hyatt wrote a great post equating a GPS to a Life Plan – well worth a read if you have time.  You can also download his free e-book on putting together a Life Plan if you subscribe to his blog.  That post got me thinking about how NLP is like a GPS….

#1 A GPS requires INVESTMENT: if you want a GPS you have put in the effort to find the right one for you.  When setting a goal and defining your desired outcome then you also need to invest – often both time and money.  For example if you want to develop your knowledge of NLP – you need to go out and find the book, the course, the coach or even the right blog (!) to serve your purpose. 

#2 A GPS requires you to set a DESTINATION:  you need to know where you’re going to find a route to get there.  If you don’t know what you’re aiming for how can you know if you achieve it?  What evidence will there be that you’ve reached your destination?  What is it that you want from learning about NLP?  What will you see, hear and feel when you’ve achieved your outcome?

#3 A GPS reduces STRESS:  I love my GPS as my sense of direction is limited at the best of times and I’m amazing good at going in to trance on highways and ‘waking up’ when I’ve missed my turn.  My trusty GPS always rescues me – even if my husband is spitting and swearing in my ear about me not looking where I’m going!  You can use NLP to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life – after all why waste energy on those when you could be putting it into achieving your goals instead?.

#4 A GPS helps you TRACK your progress: a GPS always shows you where you are, so when the kids are whining in the back, ‘are we there yet?’, you can at least tell them it’s just 20 minutes to Grandma’s.  NLP gives you the reference points you need to not only track your progress like a GPS, but to take control of your progress.  After all, who is it that chooses to pop that next donut in your mouth or have just one more glass of wine?

#5 A GPS has inbuilt FLEXIBILITY:  a GPS can re-route you around traffic problems and other roadblocks.  It gives you the flexibility to reach your destination by a number of different routes.  Things never go exactly to plan and you’ll always encounter obstacles on the way to achieving your outcome. NLP can help you develop your flexibility to give you the most chance of also reaching your goals and outcomes.

#6 A GPS is as accurate as it’s MAPS allow:  as we’ve all found out at one time or another, the maps our GPS’s can never be 100% up-to-date.  Your GPS does the best it can with the resources it has available – just like you and those around you.  NLP gives you the tools to understand the maps of the world that you and those around you use to communicate most effectively. 

#7 A GPS is only as intelligent as it’s user:  put simply – garbage in, garbage out.  If you input the wrong destination then even your GPS can’t bail you out.  A GPS comes with a User Manual, but your brain doesn’t.  NLP is that user manual for your brain so you can understand how it works, how to communicate effectively with your conscious and unconscious mind and it can help you input your desired destination to reach it successfully every time.

Are there any other ways you think that NLP, or goal setting in general, is like a GPS?

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