Get the Life You Want: Bandler and McKenna in London (Part 1)

“The boys are back in town…” proclaimed the promotional material.  “Learn – how to master your emotions, what you really want in life, how to feel really good about yourself, success strategies and instant confidence.”  Plus get £180 of CDs free on the day of the event!  Well I’ll have some of that I thought when I registered myself and my husband for this 2 days event on October 1 and 2, 2011.

The event was due to be held at a hotel in Earls Court, but was moved to Wembley Stadium about a month before the actual day….  (perhaps just the slightest mention of Wembley should have rung alarm bells in my head!)

The Great Hall to be exact….  (by now the alarm bells should have been ringing like crazy with a word like GREAT in there!)

And The Great Hall most certainly was great and could seat a GREAT number of people – around 1300 to be exact!  Damn, that was a lot of people to use just 10 ladies  toilets and to buy tea, coffee and British Rail-inspired sandwiches (in other words, cardboard nastiness with plastic cheese) during the breaks.  Actually let’s be specific here – to try and buy tea and coffee etc in the breaks.  If you weren’t totally worn out by the fact that you’d spent most of the half hour break queueing for the loo, you then came out to find even longer queues for the tea and coffee and just 6 tills for 1300 people to pay for their refreshments!  And did we get a feedback form to complete?  Oh no.

And don’t even get me started on the access to Wembley by road and the parking facilities.  Oh and then there’s the plastic registration bracelet (like the multi-ride bracelet you get at theme parks) that we were forced to wear for the two days – yes it wasn’t removable so it had to come to bed with us and the shower – and we were told it would cost £50 to replace if we ‘lost’ it.  You mean ripped it off in exasperation?!

Was it all planned to wear everyone down and break our will so that the only things the audience wanted in their lives was a bathroom of their own and a decent cup of coffee?

So here endeth the bitching on the location, facility and logistics – NLP LIFE (the organisers), please note we were not amused.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my thoughts on 2 days with two hypnotists who between them have about 60 years experience with hypnosis and many years of NLP.  The charismatic, energetic, balding, funny, focused, entertaining, bouncy, enthusiastic, quick- witted Mr McKenna and the magicians assistant Mr Bandler (lover of one too many jokes about sex, orgasms and anything below the belt).

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[Picture credits – NLP THIRTEEN]


5 responses to “Get the Life You Want: Bandler and McKenna in London (Part 1)

  1. Hmmm, how different from the NLP we weave seamlessly into our coaching, our storytelling and our day to day lives……..R

  2. An interesting post so far Jacqui, can’t wait for part 2. I was really envious when I first heard you were off to the UK for this event. Could it be that some people have forgotten the art of serving others and are instead now serving their own ego’s? I hope not given the status Bandler has – rightly so and deserved – in the NLP fraternity.

    • Part II will be up later today and probably even a part III tomorrow. It was an interesting event – some new ideas on some of the more established concepts like values and goals. But it’s incredibly hard to teach NLP techniques to 1300 people all at once! More soon….

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