Think Yourself Thin: 4 Golden Food/Eating Rules

This evening I’m off to the UK for a two day course called Get the Life You Want with Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) and Paul McKenna.  Watch out for my review next week.  So today on think yourself thin it seemed a perfect opportunity to talk about Paul McKenna’s book on losing weight – I Can Make You Thin.

Now I have to say that I am not an enthusiastic supporter of that title – only YOU can make YOU thin.  But I do think this book contains some good suggestions.  It’s easy to read, no nonsense formula is easy to assimilate and integrate into your behaviour and thinking.  Even though he doesn’t make it entirely obvious, many of the techniques and exercises in there have their roots in NLP.

When it comes to food and your eating habits he offers 4 easy to follow golden rules, and remember you need to comply with all 4 as a package:

1. Eat ONLY when you’re hungry – come on, admit it.  Lots of us eat when we’re bored, tired, stressed, lonely, miserable or feeling some other negative emotion or trying to fill an emotional hole in our lives.  A key to weight loss is re-learning how to tune in to your body’s needs.  To become more aware of that slow, gradual burn of physical hunger.  It’s about practice.  At home we have a big blue question mark stuck on the fridge to remind us to ask ourselves if we’re actually hungry before we open the fridge door!

2. Eat what you WANT – conventional diets tell you there are a multitude of foods that you can’t eat.  What happens then?  All you can think about is the foods you can’t eat!!  As I’ve said before the unconscious mind is unable to process negatives so tell yourself I can’t eat chocolate and hey presto all you can think about is eating chocolate!  Listen to your body and what it needs in terms of nourishment.  Nothing is off limits AS LONG AS you follow ALL 4 rules.

3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful – how many people do you know that sit with their head close to the plate and just shovel in food?  They don’t even seem to take a breath, they just keep on shovelling as fast as they can until the plate is clean, just like Mummy taught them.  They’re ignoring any signals from their stomach and often end up feeling bloated, stuffed and uncomfortable.  So here’s the key – slow down the speed at which you eat to half or even a quarter of what it was…  Chew your food throughly and savour it’s taste and texture.  Put your knife and fork down between every mouthful – or if you’re eating with your hands then put the food you’re holding down between each mouthful.  And finally focus on what you’re doing rather than blindly eating while focusing on the TV or some other distraction.

4. Stop when you think you’re FULL – eating more slowly gives your body a chance to hear its own ‘full’ signals.  It’s about re-sensitising yourself to those warm and satisfied messages coming from your stomach.  It’s much easier to ‘hear’ when you’re not shovelling food in at 100 miles an hour.  When you feel full STOP eating immediately!

So try out the rules and see how they work for you.  If you’re serious about weight loss, maintaining your ideal weight and interested in NLP then this book is highly recommended.

[Picture credit – I Can Make You Thin – Paul McKenna – Bantam Press]

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