Through the Looking Glass: Are You Nasty or Nice?

I was watching one of those fashion makeover programs on TV the other night with Trinny and Susannah – the boob grabbing, colour loving, rule setting Brits.  There was a woman, I guess around her mid-thirties, who turned to Susannah and said – I just can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror as I hate myself so much…. She had tears in her eyes and looked so utterly miserable.  This woman most certainly did not look like the back-end of a bus, but was healthy-looking and attractive.

So today I have a question for you.  How much do you like and appreciate yourself?  Do you have a similar reaction when you look in a mirror?

Why do we beat ourselves up so much?  How can we be so rude, unkind and downright nasty to the person we see reflected in the mirror?  I’ve heard of other people who look in the mirror and say ‘fat old cow’ to themselves.  Would you ever consider saying such a thing to a friend or a member of your family?  So why the heck do you allow yourself to say it to yourself?  Where’s the logic in that? 

Now I’ve been there, done that and successfully changed my thinking.  I’ve been incredibly horrible to that person in the mirror and I’ve even spent years actively avoiding even looking in a mirror.

Suppose that you could change your behaviour, right now, and look in the mirror each morning…… appreciating that fantastic, amazing, talented, successful person looking back at you?  How do you make that change?  Is it complicated, time consuming or difficult?  Heck no!  You simply choose to think different thoughts when you look in the mirror!  If you don’t love and appreciate yourself why should you expect other people to do it? 

Now, what do you see in the mirror?

And finally it’s back to 1978 for a little musical inspiration – try dancing around in front of the mirror to this one….  Enjoy!


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