Think Yourself Thin: Put the Pedal to the Metal

Can you remember the last time you were sitting in your car at the traffic lights, with the light at red.  As you sit there watching… the light turns amber, and your foot twitches on the pedal …… then almost immediately the light turns to green and you put the pedal to the metal and off you go.

Last week you set your think yourself thin goal and this week you have another little task.  It’s hard to know how to get somewhere unless you know where you’re at – so we need to gather some information. 

For the next 7 days I’m going to ask you to keep a food and drink diary – you’re going to record everything, and I mean everything, that passes your lips.  Whether that be glasses of water, chocolate, salad, carrots, apples, hunks of cake, glasses of wine (big or small!) etc etc.  Be as specific and as TRUTHFUL and HONEST as possible, include some measure of the quantity (at least rough) and record the time.  And one last thing – make sure you add how you feel at that moment.  I’d suggest you start a chart like the example I’ve included below, that runs from the time you normally get up to the time you head for bed.

Once your 7 days are completed then you’ll need to come back to this post and evaluate your diary.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did you find out?
  • What did you learn?
  • What trends or common factors can you spot?

It’s that last question that’s by far the most important.  We’re looking for patterns and trends in what you eat, when you eat and how you feel.  Perhaps there’s a certain time of day when you crave sugary snacks?  What’s the trigger?  Is there a certain feeling more frequently associated with when you eat?  I’ve been known to procrastinate about getting certain work tasks done in favour of having a cup of tea and a biscuit first to build myself up to it!  Did you know that just one biscuit a day over a year can add pounds on your hips?  Did you find out where your biscuits kept disappearing to?

Perhaps you can see a pattern that you tend to eat more if you’re under some form of emotional stress or as a relief from loneliness or even as just something to do?  Does laziness play a part so that you just grab whatever is convenient whether it’s healthy or not?  Would you treat a guest like that?  Or do you eat because someone else puts a plate in front of you and it would be impolite not to?  Do you feel the need to clear your plate, just like your mother taught you, even when you’re no longer hungry?

So consider the patterns and trends you’ve identified.  That was your reality check and hopefully you’ve gained lots of useful information.  Now it’s time to take that information onboard, use it to your advantage and change what you think, say and do… you focus on achieving your goal.

[Picture credit – Microsoft Clip Art]

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