Think Yourself Thin: Set Your Goal

So Diet is a Dirty Word!  and you want to think yourself thin.  What are you aiming for, what is your goal, what is your desired outcome?  Let’s define it so that it’s so compelling, so motivating, and so inspiring that you’ll persevere until you succeed.  And your unconscious mind will be helping you every step of the way.  Ask yourself these 6 questions (otherwise known in NLP as the Keys to an Achievable Outcome):

1. What specifically do you want?  Make it positive so you move towards your desired outcome.  Here’s an example – “my desired outcome is I weigh 9st 7lbs (60kg)” vs “I want to lose 2 stone (12.5kg)”.  Can you spot the difference?  The first is a positive towards (that’s what we want) and the second is running away from the weight you are now.

2. How will you know when you have it?  What evidence will you need to know you’re on track and making progress and ultimately that you’ve achieved your desired outcome?  Will it be weight, your waist measurement or that you fit in a specific clothes size?  Will it be that you fit in an old piece of clothing – such as your wedding dress or a favorite pair of jeans?  TIP – make it something objective that you can show someone else.

3. What will this get for you or allow you to do?  Will  it mean that you have more energy?  Or perhaps it will be easier to walk up stairs, or chase the kids around, or even play a sport?  Will it make you feel proud when people give you complements about your new shape? 

4. Does it depend only on you?  Is it self-initiated and self-maintained?  Is every step to achieve your outcome under your control?  Now I really hope you’ll say a resounding YES!  Who is it that decides what you put in your mouth?  It certainly isn’t the Christmas fairy is it?!  Anything less than taking 100% responsibility and 100% commitment means you are sabotaging your own success.  

5. In what context do you want it?  Where and when do you want it?  A healthy rate of weight loss is no more than 2lbs (1kg) a week.  So look at your target and work out what’s a reasonable time frame to achieve your outcome.  And let’s be realistic we all fall off the wagon now and again, so be kind to yourself and allow yourself a little extra time.

6. What resources do you need?  What do you have now and what do you need to successfully achieve your outcome?   Do you have a scales if you’re going to be tracking progress via weight, do you have the right food in the fridge, do you need money to join a gym or go to WeightWatchers? 

Once you’ve defined your goal here’s what you do….

PUT YOUR GOAL IN YOUR FACE – create some sort of visual or auditory representation of your goal.  Write it out word for word, draw a picture, find a piece of music that fits or perhaps you’ve spotted a picture in a magazine that perfectly represents your outcome for you.  Whatever it is print it, draw it, cut it out and stick it up somewhere you’ll see it every (yes, every) morning when you get up….or play that track every morning to start the day.

BOOST IT UP – now close your eyes and when you think of your outcome do you have a picture?  Make it bigger, make it brighter, tighten the focus….whatever makes that picture more powerful and utterly compelling for you.  Now step out of the picture and see your body in there. Seal that picture in with a snap of your fingers and open your eyes.

TELL SOMEONE – research has shown that people (especially women) are far more likely to achieve their goals if they’ve told the people around them – be that friends, family or even colleagues.  So get it out there….

I’d love to hear your comments on how you feel about that compelling,  motivating, inspiring and desirable goal you just defined…..

[Picture credit – Microsoft Clipart]

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