13 Ways NLP Helps You Achieve Success in Business

I’m often asked how you can use NLP in business, to develop your career, at work, or in your daily job.  Or perhaps they’re all the same thing!  So here’s 13 examples to start you off.  What a surprise she picked 13 I hear you say!  I’m sure they are many more than 13 more…  Watch out for the underlined words in each example as that’s a link to a previous post that explains the background of what a word means and/or the technique/process associated with it so you can use it right away today.

#1 Build rapport with your boss – communicate on a deeper level than you have ever done before.

#2 Set great goals that you’ll consistently achieve successfully.

#3 Understand what motivates your boss, your customers, your colleagues and your direct reports so you can get them moving!

#4 Leave procrastination behind forever and take action.

#5 Become a spellbinding, amazing presenter and wow your audiences.

#6 Find out what’s really important to you, what you really value, in a job so you can make sure you get it.

#7 Appreciate that there is only feedback!  There is no such thing as failure.  If you only try out one presupposition of NLP make it this one.

#8 Take responsibility – be at cause and in charge of your own success, instead of at effect and making excuses/laying blame on others.

#9 Consciously mind your language – delete can’t, try, but and don’t from your vocabulary.  See what happens when you do.

#10 Develop your ability to appreciate another persons shoes, with perceptual positions.

#11 Increase your awareness.

#12 Put yourself out there and extend trust to build great relationships and see people achieve things you would never have believed possible.

#13 Cultivate your curiosity.

Are there any other ways you’ve thought of or used after reading my posts? 

[Picture credit – NLP THIRTEEN]

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