“Diet” is a Dirty Word!

Enter the word diet in your Google search, or any other search engine, and you’ll get over 500 million hits.  Take a look at the dictionary and the word diet is defined as …the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats…  But is that what the word diet means to most of us?  Of course not.  Most, if not all, of us are anchored to the word diet in such a way that just the barest mention conjures up pictures of weight loss, tape measures, starvation, self-control (or lack of), abstinence, falling off the wagon, misery, lettuce leaves, excuses and probably the words disaster and failure pop into your head too.  Did you know that it’s estimated that almost 60% of adults want to lose weight?  Are you one of them? 

The hard fact of life is diets are never successful.  I don’t care if it’s the grapefruit diet, the 3 day diet, the chocolate diet, the cabbage soup diet, the I eat meat but not with potatoes diet, the diet drinks/shakes diet, or whatever darn diet.  They all have one BIG thing in common.  DIETS DON’T WORK!  You may shed a few pounds/kilos, but after you’ve exerted yourself, starved yourself and eaten whatever strange or mega boring combination of foods they recommend, for the required period, then you have to go back to real life.  And in so many cases that means you put all that weight you lost back on and then some extra for good measure! 

Why don’t they work?  Simply because you need to change your mindset as well as your eating and exercising habits.  If you’re eating for any other reason than you’re body needs that sustenance – be it as a result of feeling miserable, lonely, unloved or stressed – is eating lettuce like a rabbit going to help?  I think not.  You need to deal with what’s going on in your brain.

I’ve written before on Think Your Way Thin and a Harvard University study that showed an effect similar to the placebo effect – by reminding people of the calories they burned, they in turn altered their beliefs about themselves and their bodies responded to make those beliefs a reality.  It would seem just thinking about the benefits and calorie burning effects of your daily exercise can make you thinner without a diet in sight!

So over the next few Fridays I’ll be focused on think your way thin.  I’ll post each week with useful psychology and practical NLP tips, tricks, treats and techniques that you can use to successfully lose weight (if you’re an away from, big stick kind of person) or you might prefer to say achieve your ideal weight (if you’re a towards and rewards kind of person).   And of course you’ll maintain it too!  If it’s not weight that works for you we’ll set a goal that does – be it fitting into your wedding dress from 10 years ago, being able to run up the stairs, fitting in to a sexy new bikini, whatever frame you want to put around it.

Let me leave you with one question to consider this week.  Who is it that, day in and day out, controls what you put in your mouth or what exercise you take?!

 [Picture credit – NLP THIRTEEN, scales kindly manufactured by BOSCH]

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6 responses to ““Diet” is a Dirty Word!

  1. Like it – looking forward to the next few Fridays…..

  2. Love this post Jacqui especially the last question ‘Who is it that, day in and day out, controls what you put in your mouth or what exercise you take?!’ This relates to so many things – that extra glass of wine….or chocolate bar springs to mind in my case!!

    • Glad you liked it – I had such fun having a bit of a rant and rave! I need to do that a bit more often. For me it’s the Digestive biscuits that call to me so sweetly every time that I go down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea – I work from home and drink lots of tea!!

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