Searching for NLP?

It’s coming up to 8 months since I started this blog and this is my 103rd post.  Being away the last 3 weeks and blogging every day, compared to my usual 2 or 3 times a week, has got me thinking about what this blog is about, what I put on it, how it’s designed and what my objectives and desired outcomes are for the blog. 

I started blogging for two main reasons.  First I wanted to write.  I’ve dreamed of that ever since I was little, as I laid out in my very first post, and I wanted to learn more about the most effective ways to communicate the key concepts of NLP to non-NLP’ers.  Second, writing my posts was great revision for my NLP Trainers Training exams, which are now successfully done and dusted.

I guess I’m now asking myself where do I go from here?  And this week I’ve started to think about a makeover for the blog.  So I’ve been looking at what brings people to my blog and which posts have generated the most reaction.

As part of the wonderful WordPress software I can access various handy statistics and information about my blog.  I can see how many people have read each post today and all the way back to when each post was posted.  I can see where people come from – LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and the like.  I can see the search engine terms that people have typed in that bring them to my blog each day and since my blog started.  Search terms are fascinating as they give you a hint of what someone was looking for when they came to the blog. 

There are a couple of clear winners when it comes to these search terms.  ‘Personal power’ ranks top of my list by quite a margin.  Not a surprise I guess when you consider that personal power is a key NLP concept and that at least one NLP Practitioner exam has a question on ‘what is personal power’ and ‘how do you get it’ and the answer isn’t clearly addressed in the course notes.   I actually did a theme week with 4 posts on different aspects of Personal Power (including the answer to that exam question!) back in March 2011 and you can find the first post in that series here…What is Personal Power?

The second most common search term that comes up time and time again is ‘procrastination’.  People seem to be always looking for ways to stop procrastinating, get out of stuck and unmoving states and drive forward by taking action.  Something again that I wrote about a little while ago with Procrastinate in to Action and have also touched on in a variety of other posts.

Then there are the weird and wonderful search terms that make no logical sense and I’m at a loss to know how some of these searches ended up at my blog.  Here’s a few examples –  golden rule never forget your wedding anniversary – husband forgot wedding anniversary (do you think those two were related?!) – dimpled brain – little chicken – feet ass gallery – strengths of orderly rows – bridge principles – pattern to make a magpie bird – cycle around sun – naked barbie – soso naked!  I guess, or at least hope, that the ‘naked’ ones (and there are quite a collection) linked to my blog because of my post on the The Not So Naked Truth About Being a Great Presenter!  However, I do get the distinct feeling that NLP was not what many of these people were looking for!

So moving on to my top rated posts.  I was really interested to see which posts sparked the highest number of views when they were first posted and which ones kept going for the long haul and have stayed at the top of the viewing figures. 

In terms of initial viewing figures my NLP Trainers Training diary, posted over the past few weeks and written primarily to keep friends and family updated, did much better than I expected…certainly for initial views in the 24 hours after posting.  It was great to see that people wanted to read something a bit more personal and I have a feeling that posting daily also had a positive effect.  Everyone loves something new.

In terms of posts that are in for the long haul and just don’t seem to go out of fashion, here’s the top 3:

  1. Don’t Assume You Know What I’m Thinking: Three Golden Rules – still holding top position and posted back on 9 February 2011.  This post was taken from Huna (an ancient Hawaiian philosophy) rather than NLP.  But as you’ll see it has similarities in terms of the mindset.  Rule 1. Don’t assume you know what another person is thinking.  Rule 2. Don’t assume that other people know, or should know, what you’re thinking.  Rule 3. Beware of generalization.
  2. The Building Blocks of NLP: The Presuppositions – I’m not at all surprised that this post is sitting at number 2 in the charts.  The presuppositions are the foundations, the basic assumptions and the original building blocks that support/underlie everything we do in NLP.  They’re the first thing we learn and one of the tools we use most.
  3. What is Personal Power?:  coming in at number 3 personal power is also my top search term, so no surprise here either.

So where do I go from here?  Well, as I said at the start I certainly have some ideas for a bit of a blog re-design and makeover for later this year, but they’re not fully baked as yet.  Plus plans are already in the works for another theme week, this time on using NLP to achieve your ideal weight (or ‘lose weight’ for the benefit of all the people motivated by a big stick and moving/running away from things) and keep fit (aka become less of a couch potato). 

I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for topics you’d like me to cover, things you’d like to see on this blog, thoughts on whether you’d like to read posts from guest authors (feel free to volunteer) and anything else you’d like to say related to this blog and it’s content (please keep it polite and clean!).

So it’s over to you and thanks for reading!

[Picture credit – NLP THIRTEEN – for those of you that were with me in Las Vegas and heard my dolphin metaphor (probably more than once), well this is the real Coco at Seaworld, San Diego, summer 2010.]

© Jacqui Gatehouse and NLP THIRTEEN, 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jacqui Gatehouse and NLP THIRTEEN with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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