Do Clothes Maketh the Man?

The eagle has landed and I’m home from Las Vegas.  Back to normality and real life.  I do miss having someone to make my bed, change the sheets, clean up after me and to provide fresh, clean, fluffy white towels every day.  And I am certainly missing my morning swim.  There again home has certain advantages, not least the fact that there are no cockroaches to be chased around the room or thrown out of the pool!

I read a piece by a fellow blogger a couple of weeks ago (in the era pre-Vegas when I used to have time for such frivolous time-wasting) on using clothes and the way you dress to boost self-confidence.

I guess I’ve heard this message many times in various forms – dress to impress, dress according to the job you want not the one you have….  What’s acceptable attire, or not, varies according to where you live and what you do for a living.  In this age of working from home some people “go” to work in their PJ’s, while others dress as if they are still going to an office with other people.  And before you ask – yes I am one of the work at home brigade and no, I won’t be divulging what I wear to work! 

Of course it’s important to dress appropriately for a given situation and you may choose to allow the way you dress to affect your mindset.  But when does dressing a certain way start to become hiding behind a facade of your own limiting beliefs that you can’t behave a certain way if you’re not dressed a certain way?  How many women do you know who won’t go out of the house without their make up on?  How many sports people are there that don’t want to compete without their lucky underpants or socks on?

Why should your clothes “give you” additional self-confidence or belief in your abilities?  Could you instead snap your fingers and choose to have more self-confidence?  What’s holding you back? 

Let’s be clear here – I’m not saying that you can’t choose your clothes to help you feel confident, attractive or whatever you need.  But I am saying that using clothes to hide behind, or as a psychological crutch to hold you up, is not the best route.  The clothes you wear should not dictate your mental state.  Remember you can change your state whenever you wish – you are in charge of your mind and in charge of your own results, just as I am in charge of mine.

So clothes should not maketh the man. Instead the man should maketh the clothes.

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