NLP Trainers Training Diary – Exam Day 4 – I’m a Trainer Get Me Out of Here!

Hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray!!  It’s all over, the final presentation is done, the fat lady has sung, Elvis has left the building and the training and exams are finished.  I can finally say that I’m a certified NLP Trainer!

Now I’m a trainer – get me out of here!  I hope it’s not just the Brits that have “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” on TV and so get my daft joke….

Anyways the certificate (attached to a wooden plaque!) is in my sweaty paw and as of 6am tomorrow (Saturday) morning it’s time to wave goodbye to the palms and hairdryer heat of Las Vegas and head for home.  First stop Washington and then back to Copenhagen by 7am Sunday morning.  I can’t wait to get on those planes and get home.

This morning was my final swim as I’m leaving at such an ungodly hour tomorrow morning.  So the tally was a last set of 60 lengths, bringing me to a final total of 950 lengths.  Didn’t quite make the 1000 I speculated, but I’m really happy with what I’ve accomplished and I can certainly see and feel the difference.  The pool is around 16m long, so that means I’ve swum just over 15km, or 9 and a half miles, in the time I’ve been here!

And did I stick to the no alcohol, no chips, no fries and no cookies healthy diet?  Yep I did.  My only treat was half a little bag of peanut butter M&M’s after the written exam – we don’t have them in Europe so one little treat was in order after completing that milestone.

I don’t usually make direct references to friends and family on my blog, but today I’m going to make a couple of exceptions.

First there’s Bernadette – that’s us this morning in the photo.  We met on the first morning in the pool and have stuck together through thick and thin on this course.  It’s been wonderful to meet such a fantastic, inspirational person – thanks for your great company.  And looking forward to Bandler in October!

One of my biggest challenges has been being separated from my wonderful husband for such a long time.  Perhaps it doesn’t seem so long in your model of the world, but in mine it’s been an eternity.  And I know he’s had just as hard a time with me away.  So this final music video is for you my love, to say thank you for surviving the separation and supporting me on the days when I’ve needed to scream (and yes there have been a few!) – now we’re counting down the hours…..

A big thank you to all of my readers too, who’ve stuck with me through this experience, been interested enough to read my daily posts and have been so enthusiastic that I’ve had some really exceptional viewing figures.  Thanks for tuning in and hope you read on as the blog continues from Copenhagen.

Enjoy and I’ll be back next week….

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6 responses to “NLP Trainers Training Diary – Exam Day 4 – I’m a Trainer Get Me Out of Here!

  1. Hi Jacqui – congratulations from me on getting your exam…wow you are a star. I have been reading your blog, not daily but a couple of times a week. How exiting it must have been for you :o)

  2. Apologies to those of you who found the music link wouldn’t work in your region. Here’s a fresh one that should work in EU – just copy and paste in to your browser –

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