NLP Trainers Training Diary – Exam Day 3 – 100th Post!

Day 3 of my NLP Trainers Training exams and time to celebrate putting up my 100th blog post since I started blogging in January!  Wow – that’s one hell of a lot of words – at an average post of 500 words, actually I think my average may well be 750 or so, then that’s some 5o ooo to 75 000 words in the space of 7 months.  No wonder some people seem to think I spend half my time writing this stuff!  I don’t by the way, it’s usually a few minutes a day.

Perhaps I should head to a casino to celebrate…..

…..or maybe not!

So today we were back to our presentations and I was rattling on yet again about anchoring.  If I ever have to hear the name Twitmeyer again (the discoverer of the knee jerk reflex which is one of the first examples of anchoring theory in humans), I may just scream!  Mr Twitmeyer may have been a great man, as was old Pavlov and his dogs, but once you’ve heard about them 20 plus times you get a little past the point of no return!  And as you can all guess I don’t do boredom well…

Anyways the presentations went well and I passed no problem.  So just one more day and one more presentation to survive before we’re done and dusted.  It can’t come too soon!  I’m just so worn out and I’ve been out buying fruit and vitamin pills this afternoon to get me through tomorrow.

So a couple of days ago I gave you the new Maroon 5 single and today here’s some wonderful new stuff from Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.  Enjoy!

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