NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 12

Presentation day……again!  Well it was one more mock before the real thing next week.  And I passed for the second time – hurrah!  Let’s hope things go just as swimmingly next week.

So it’s been a short day today – 6 presentations in our new groups and out by 3pm.  But the day doesn’t finish there as we need to do any re-writes and revise for the written exam (78 questions – 212 marks – 70% pass mark) which is in just 2 days time.  Plus we need to finalize the other presentation we did and prepare for a demonstration, for which we’ll only know the topic when we are called up for our turn.

One more day of training tomorrow, but as far as we’ve heard it’s just going to be a chance to ask questions on the presentations and to hear the logistics for the exams, what if we fail one of them etc.  We’re certainly hoping for an early finish so we can head out for dinner at the BBQ place we visited last week.  Nice as this hotel is we all get a little stir crazy when we spend so much time within these 4 walls.

So today I’m going to finish with a reader request for the music track of the day.  The reader in this case happens to be my husband who’s busy honing his telepathic skills with his wife.  As I was putting up my day 10 blog post with Counting Crows and Big Yellow Taxi he was sending me a link (with no idea what I was about to post) to another Counting Crows track – Mr Jones – that has great associations for both of us of a trip to Boston and driving a while Mustang late at night with the top down.  Perhaps I’m just too predictable that Counting Crows had to appear in my music selections at some point.  But there again he did the exact same thing with a Maroon 5 track this morning that was identical to the link I’d already put in to my post for tomorrow.  Telepathy rules!


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