NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 11

So it was a roach-free morning in the pool this morning accompanied by clear crystal blue skies and another 60 lengths on the tally.  And yes before you ask grumpy has been replaced by my positive self.

As I told you yesterday our second mock presentation was moved to tomorrow. So today we focused on the five step sales process and the application of NLP techniques – build rapport – ask questions – find the need and establish value – link your product or service to the need/value and finally close.

Then we moved on to questions and some very clever ways to use questions from the audience to teach them new concepts, use appropriate metaphors  and even change the audiences thinking.  Interesting stuff.

Finally our study groups were disbanded (a little sad…) and we were introduced to the new groups that we’ll do our second mock presentation with tomorrow and with whom we’ll go through the exams.  I’m sure the group I’m in will be as great as the last.

Thank goodness it was a relatively short day today and we managed to get dinner at a decent time.  This evening is time to practice our presentations for tomorrow, get a good nights sleep and start fresh at 10am tomorrow.  I’m really happy this is the last mock assessment and as of Tuesday we’ll start the ‘real’ version.  Bring it on!

Adding music to these posts has been fun.  This time I was really digging around in my brain to remember the name of this old Yazz track, but the message is really simple.  The Only Way is Up!   Enjoy!

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