NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 10

10 days of training completed.  3 days of training left after today.  Second presentation for informal assessment moved to the day after tomorrow instead of tomorrow!  And I am so utterly worn out.

It’s certainly not been the best day as far as I’m concerned.  A sleep deficit last night and a lack of a break in the training for dinner until almost 9pm has drastically depleted my humour reserves.  Actually they’re running at minus 100% right now and the gas tank is registering seriously, and I mean seriously, grumpy.  Tonight three weeks away from home seems like forever and my only wish is go hop on a plane.  No, I know I won’t do that.  I’ve got this far and I’ll finish this damn thing.  But I am counting the days and even the hours to when my plane takes off at 6am on August 13th.

Today we covered how to design demonstrations and exercises in training and then covered group rapport.  For today I won’t say anymore as you’re just going to get a grumpy tirade.

So I’ll close a bit early today while you still think I’m a nice person.  Today it’s a personal favorite which is a wonderful bit of mellow americana and Counting Crow with Big Yellow Taxi.  Enjoy!

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