NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 9

On to our 9th day of training…  I have to say in terms of time and effort required this course has absolutely no resemblance to a holiday – it’s darn hard work.  So for anyone that thinks any of us are living it up in Vegas, please think again!  The pressure is on for us to finalize our first presentation that we gave on day 6, have the next one ready for day 11 and to start work on our demonstration for the exams.

Add to that we have to revise for the written exam, do the homework that is set each day from the course itself (last night we were designing a Practitioner and Master Practitioner course outline) and finally find time to eat and sleep!  It’s no wonder that many people are saying they’re losing weight while they’re here and there’s more than a few dark circles under people’s eyes.

So it was a bit of a cockroach morning in the pool today.  Three of the little darlings had decided to join me for my morning swim.  Three times I had to stop and chuck one of them out of the pool.  It’s fine if you’re doing breast stroke and you can see the little bugger ahead of you floating about, but when you’re doing front crawl and you suddenly come nose to nose with one it’s so not funny.

As a result keeping count of my lengths proved challenging and I ended up on the wrong stroke at the end of my usual sequence so something went wrong somewhere along the line!  But back to the roaches, how do these annoying creatures end up in the pool in the first place?  Are they just not looking where they’re going and – oops – they fall in?  Are they practicing their rock climbing on the rough concrete edge of the pool and lose their footing?  Or is it just a case of morning ablutions that get a bit out of control when they realise they have no possibility of getting out of the oversized bath they found?  Whatever the reason, if they could please amuse themselves with the garbage can or something instead then I’d really appreciate it.  I don’t need to spend my morning playing lifeguard for a bunch of accident-prone bugs!

So back to the topic at hand and the training….today we were talking JFK, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama.  What do they all have in common?  They’re all amazing speakers!  Each used/uses, consciously or unconsciously, something called the charisma pattern.  So when they started a speech they would start low, slow and connecting to peoples feelings.  Then they’d step up the pace a little and connect to people through auditory words – I hear what you say, give me your ear, clear as a bell etc.  Finally they’s step it up one last time in terms of speed and connect with visual words – paint a picture, it appears to me or beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It’s a powerful pattern and we had lots of fun playing with the concept.

In addition we dealt with our greatest fear when it comes to being a presenter and also we also worked on what was the best and most amazing reaction we could have to a training or presentation.  Polar opposites, but a couple of fantastic exercises had us feeling truly invincible by the end.

I have to say that I’m really missing home today – 10 days gone and 10 days to go until I get on a plane home.  So I’m going to continue my musical tour (which seems to have become a standard item in these diary posts) and finish with the closing scenes from my favorite romantic movie – Serendipity – and a wonderful track called Northern Skies by Nick Drake.  Enjoy!

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