NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 8

Wow, I can’t believe we’re at day 8 already.  Just five more days of training to go after today, then a day off and then finally on into the four days of exams – a written exam of up to 7 hours, two presentations and then last, but not least a demo of an NLP technique.

Today was a fairly ho-hum day.  Everyone was trying to get back in the swing of things after the day off yesterday and after the stress of our presentations the day before that.  Next presentation alert – day 11!

We spent some time on spatial anchoring – stage anchoring in this case.  So what that means in layman’s terms is telling a story that will get your audience in a certain emotional state from a specific spot on the stage.  You can then go back to that spot when you have a key message in your presentation where you want them to feel the same way as they did during the story – be that motivated, energised, curious etc.

You can then step that up by creating a number of these spots (aka spatial anchors) on the stage.  They can be used individually or you can do what’s called chaining and chain them together.  So you start at one spot and walk through the anchors to your final spot and emotional state – so you might move your audience from a state of procrastination or feeling stuck with no options through to total competence, motivation or some other useful positive state.

Then we moved to training design – important obviously when it comes to delivering what your students expect and need, but geeky and not the most interesting topic for general consumption.  Hence I won’t go in to more detail here.

Actually you’re more likely to see a pig fly than to get me to write about training design – I know that’s a mega cheesy lead in to the picture below.  I took it at a great restaurant called Lucille’s that we visited here in Henderson the other night.  Isn’t he fun?!

So I’ll close today with a song from Frank that’s very special to me and accompanying it is video of the amazing Bellagio dancing fountains here in Las Vegas….Enjoy!

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