NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 7

We got a wonderful surprise yesterday when we heard that after 6 straight days working flat-out, day and night, we finally we got a day off today.  Bliss!  We’re all so worn out from the hard work of the last 6 days that it’s wonderful to get a break.  Even if we ended up using a lot of that break to work on our presentations again and to revise for the exam!

The blue sky and sunshine was back this morning and day off or not a visit to the pool was required for another 52 lengths.  That’s 332 lengths since I’ve been here.

There was a little fun in there though as we managed to get out and about in Las Vegas for a couple of hours.  If you’ve never been here then this is a shopping mall/centre Las Vegas-style…and that blue sky is actually a painted ceiling!

And a little more of the mall…which is the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace by the way.

And I just couldn’t resist adding this one of the most decorative ice cream counter I’ve ever seen…take a look at the sculpted roses on the mango sorbet!

So it may be Monday for everyone else, but with a day off from our course it feels like Sunday for us… a little easy listening today with Smooth from Santana featuring the wonderful Rob Thomas…

Back to work and more from the course tomorrow.

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