NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 6

Day 6 – the day of our first presentation dawns.  Well actually it didn’t dawn with the sun lifting above the horizon in a beautiful sunrise.  Instead it sort of grumbled into action – thick leaden grey cloud blanketed the sky with a forecast of thunder storms again.  We’ve had that forecast before, but seen only a tiny shower so far.   This time we actually got something that looked much more like rain.  So I swam my 50 lengths this morning watching the rain making little circular ripples on the water.  It was just so calm and relaxing.

So we started at 10am in our Hobbit-hole and went through our 6 presentations – 7 hours later we were finally done.  I was third to present and passed – even though this presentation, and the one on day 11, aren’t formally assessed to count against our certification they are still informally assessed so that we know if we repeated the presentation again in the exams whether we’d pass or fail.  I think we’re all just so glad it’s over.  Well at least until day 11 when we have to do it all again with our second presentation.

Here’s the very tired, but relieved group below – for those who don’t know me I’m the one in the turquoise and I just have to say I do have eyes and not slits – it’s just when I smile too hard my cheeks kinda get in the way!!  So going from left to right that’s Muhammed, Bernadette, Oby, me, Kaya and Tom.

So we’re heading out of the hotel for dinner this evening and I’ll leave you with a bit of celebration 80’s style with Kool and the Gang.  Enjoy!

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