NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 5

Wow the days, evenings and nights are starting to shoot by – mostly because we’re swamped with work and preparations for our first presentation tomorrow.  Now this one isn’t formally assessed, but it’s your opportunity to ‘try out’ one of the presentations you may want to use for your exams at the end of this journey in 10 days or so.  I’m starting to feel a bit as if we’re in the army – break us down with pressure and work and then build us back up again (I hope!).

Today was prep, prep, prep and practice, practice, practice for our presentations tomorrow.  Why, What, How and What If.  If you’ve ever come across the 4MAT system for presentations then you’ll know what I mean.  If not take a look at this link for a great tool that you can use in the planning of any presentation – for business, education, whatever – to make sure you engage the audience and cover everyone’s preferences of asking why, how, what or even what if….

Here’s our Hobbit-hole (and don’t ask me why I think it has anything to do with Hobbits – we certainly don’t have hairy feet as a group, as far as I know, it’s just something about the size and the black dividing curtains) where we’ve been doing all our practical exercises and where we’ll be presenting tomorrow.

Formal teaching today was light, but fun.  Finally we got our hands back!!!  I know, to those outside this course that makes no sense.  But we’ve spent the last 4 days with our arms clamped down by our sides and totally banned from moving even a finger out of our balanced and unmoving trainers pose while we’ve presented.  For anyone that has ever seen me speak they’ll know that was nothing short of torture.

So today we learned about archetypal gestures (aka the Satir Categories) that you can use as a speaker and as a trainer – gestures that cross countries and cultures with the same non-verbal message.  The aim all along has been to make us conscious of how we use our bodies when presenting, particularly our hands, and to then teach us how to use them properly.  Great fun and I’m sure a post in the future about placator, blamer, distractor, leveller and computer.

So it’s been a long day and we’ve worked for around 13 hours today.  This is certainly not the course for you if you think it won’t be both mentally and physically challenging!  So on a tough day like today I thought I’d sign off with a bit more music and show my age with a favorite track from 1985 – Billy Ocean and When the Going Gets Tough.  Enjoy!

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