NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 4

Day 4 and a forecast of a risk of thunderstorms.  No not in the training (I hope), that’s the weather forecast.  Last night was a late one working on my metaphors – after such a great session yesterday and wonderful feedback from my study group I felt I needed to get it all down on paper before I slept to make sure I remembered every little scrap.  Add to that my body seems to have developed a need to set off my internal alarm clock at 5-30am every morning (and I mean every morning), so that made for a bit of a bleary eyed start to the day.  Still successfully completed my exercises and 60 lengths of the pool – perseverance is a wonderful thing.

So this morning started even before my swim with work on one of my presentations – we have to do two presentations during the training and then two during the exam assessments.  We got some very useful feedback yesterday on what to include (or not) from Tad and Adrianna so I wanted to start building that in.  First presentation will be on day 6, which is coming up very fast, and then the second on day 11.

Then my study group met at 10am to continue work on our metaphors and as usual the training started at 1pm.  Today we learned about energy – using universal energy, channeling energy, directing energy and creating the right energy in the training room.  Then we were back to our metaphors – running our 5 stories together and layering in changing the tone, volume and speed of our voice.  Then phrase anchoring adding in emphasis and repetition of certain words and short phrases to keep people attached to each story.  And finally layering in adding a little presentation content in the middle once we had opened all the stories and before we started to close.

It’s been an intense day, but the intensity continues with preparation for our first presentation on Sunday.  So I’m off to get back to work on that so I’m ready to rehearse tomorrow…..with all the hard work here I thought this track (especially as it was recorded in Las Vegas) seemed particularly relevant tonight.  Enjoy!

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