NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 3

Day 3 and the training is starting to roll along nicely.  We’re all getting in to our little routines, we know our way around and for me it already seems normal to be up at 6 and head for the pool to start the day.  Another 52 lengths this morning – plus a lot of running up and down stairs today to do the practical exercises 4 floors below the training room!  I’ll be in supermodel-shape before you know it!

This morning started with most people catching up on homework that they didn’t manage to complete yesterday and my group decided to work a little more on our Milton Model language patterns.

As always the main training started at 1pm and we continued with three more practical exercises where we presented using Milton Model in various ways.  When each exercise takes at least 30 minutes to complete and we have to run up and down stairs in-between, it’s amazing how time flies…..

So this afternoon we moved on to metaphors (aka stories with a purpose) and using them to open and close presentations, training or any situation where they can help get a message across to an audience.  That audience could be as small as 1 person and as big as tens of thousands or even larger.  You might remember that I’ve talked about metaphors before as a tool when becoming an exceptional presenter in the Not So Naked Truth.

We’ve all had to develop 5 metaphors that we’ll need to tell together.  So you start story one and at an appropriate cliffhanger, about 80% of the way through, you slide effortlessly and seamlessly in to the next story.  Again at about 80% you leave them with another subtle cliffhanger to move on to the next story and so on until you’ve opened all 5 stories.  Then you pop in your presentation or your key message.  And then you start the process of closing the stories in reverse order – starting with the last one you opened you finish it off, then you finish off the last but one that you started and so on until you close the final story that you started first.

So why start stories and cut them off at a cliff hanger and move on?  Well in simple terms the human mind loves completion and anything incomplete keeps its attention until it is complete.  So it’s a way of maintaining your connection to the audience and their unconscious interest all the way through your presentation.  You can also use the metaphors themselves to get across key points to your audience or to get them in to a certain state – be that motivated, enthusiastic, curious etc.  Very handy when it comes to getting them in the right state to receive your message.

I love metaphors as I love telling stories.  Practicing this evening was just heaven for me and I felt privileged to get honest and constructive feedback from my wonderful study group.  Feedback is a very precious thing and they gave me constructive things to think about in terms of both tweaking my stories and about my general presenting style so far.

The highlight of the day for me was our study group.  We’ve moved so quickly through the forming and storming stages, with very little storming, and today we were really norming and performing as a group.  It was such a wonderful collaborative experience – everyone is ready to help, to provide feedback and to support.  What a team. It’s a pleasure working with these folks.

I’ll investigate tomorrow if I can talk them into a photo shoot for the blog…..

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