NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 2

So Day 2 of the training dawned bright and early this morning as I was up at 5-30.  Actually did I mention that it rained here yesterday?  Yes we’re in the desert and it rained.  Well I can’t say it was rain in terms of what we call rain in Copenhagen and the UK.  It was more along the lines of those water misting sprays that you can buy to cool yourself down – very fine and very, very light.  I’m not sure I would have even known it was raining except for the fact that I could see the little circles of ripples on the surface of the pool.

And talking of the pool I’ve decided that while I’m here I need to get in to tip-top form – I can’t say I’ll come home looking like a catwalk model (we can all dream), but I certainly intend to come home, not only as a certified NLP trainer, but also fitter and healthier.  Plus I need every ounce of energy and stamina to do well on this training, so healthy has to be better!  So the C’s are out – no chocolate, no chips and no cookies.  Plus out with the wine and any sugary drinks.  In with the salad and low-fat everything.  And in with the exercise and my own little regime each morning to tone up and swim 30 plus lengths of the pool – 40 accomplished this morning and 32 yesterday.  I can’t claim the pool is huge, but considering how sore my arms are from yesterday I’m really glad it isn’t any bigger!  See what you think…

So the training started this morning catching up with homework from yesterday and working on anchoring the most useful emotional states for being an effective trainer.  In NLP we tend to just call them ‘states’ – funny how adding the ’emotional’ word can have negative connotations for some people.  NLP gives you the possibility of being in control of your state at all times – and being able to go in to any useful resourceful state, like motivation, whenever you want – wouldn’t that be kinda useful?!

Then we moved on from anchoring to working on removing any negative emotions and limiting beliefs we might have about presenting.  Even after all the training, and my ‘no fear’ attitude when it comes to presenting, there’s always something to work on.  Remember the onion that represents you – resolve one set of things and peel away that layer and there’s always more to deal with underneath.

At 1pm it was back to the classroom and learning about being in the “training state” – how to be aware of the entire room and everyone in it during your presentation.  How to connect with and feel the room, how to calibrate changes in the room and how to extend your energy to your audience.  Fascinating stuff and 3 great exercises with our little study groups to gather some valuable feedback.  Our little group seems to be forming nicely with just a little storming today, but mostly some great collaboration is starting to develop.  Our challenge was running up and down 4 floors of stairs from the main training room to the practical room where we did each of our exercises and assignments.  All those stairs are certainly contributing nicely to my fitness regime this week!

By the end of today it was time to work on our Milton Model hypnotic language patterns.  These patterns help you connect with both the conscious and unconscious mind of your audience.  Our challenge was to adapt them to fit our preferred context, in this case that’s business.  We had some great fun brainstorming ideas and then taking 5 minutes to each try out what we’d learned.  To say my brain is fried would be an understatement.

So that’s it for today.  I’m off to let my brain float away on some mindless, but very pleasant, TV……

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