NLP Trainers Training Diary – Day 1

“It’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock and it’s Crackerjack!”

OK I know it’s not Friday – it’s Tuesday, well Wednesday in the EU –  and at this point have no idea what the bloody time is and what the heck is Crackjack you might ask?  Well if you’re not asking that last question then that probably means you’re a middle-aged Brit like me and you watched BBC children’s TV in the 1970’s!

And I guess by now you’re wondering what the heck I’m going on about, aren’t I on my NLP Trainer’s Training?!  Yep I certainly am.  But that phrase sums up my feelings today in a nut shell.  As a child I heard that TV announcement – “it’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock and it’s Crackerjack” – and I’d be running round the room screaming, laughing and punching the air in excitement and exhilaration.  I’d get goosebumps of anticipation.  It was the event of the week.  And that’s how I feel today about my training – except it’s the event of the year!

So I arrived here in Henderson around midnight on Sunday night.  A big thank you to United Airlines who, without any provocation, were kind enough to upgrade me to First Class for my last leg from Chicago to Vegas – much appreciated!  And here’s where I’m staying…

Now anyone that knows me well, or who has ever travelled with me, knows that the first thing I want to find is a store where I can buy water, diet coke and chocolate supplies.  In this case I was such a geek (otherwise known as a nerd with friends) that I had already looked the hotel up on Google Maps and so knew that just across the car park was the store of my dreams – a proper supermarket!  And it’s open 6am to midnight 7 days a week.  OK, I know, too much detail.  I’ll restrain myself from adding a picture.

So yesterday morning I trotted off at 6am to enjoy an incredibly quiet supermarket.  The hotel is a suite hotel so we all have our own kitchens.  Great for flexibility, but not so great for carrying shopping back from the supermarket.  As always I got way too enthusiastic about the amount I could carry and forgot I didn’t have my strong and able husband with me to bail me out.  It may only be across the car park from the hotel, but the few hundred metres felt like miles in the 40 plus degrees Celsius heat and humidity!

Once the food shopping was done, and some emails sent, it was time for shopping of the more entertaining (clothes) variety and using the excuse that I needed to keep busy to beat the jet lag and keep myself awake I headed in to Vegas to one of the many shopping malls.  That trip was deemed a success as I managed to buy a huge cup from Starbucks to maintain my reputation for drinking bucket size quantites of tea while I’m here.  Then back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and some dinner.

So what about the training today, I hear you ask.  Well after I’d stopped running around and punching the air (metaphorically as you’ll understand) it was great. Finally I’ve met ‘the voice’ of all the CDs I listened to in preparation for my Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses – Tad James himself and of course his Mrs and co-trainer, the lovely Adrianna.

We had a day of orientation, meeting new people, outlining the frames for our training, setting homework and generally scaring ourselves silly at the thought of all the work and assessments that lie ahead over the next 17 days – 12 more days training, 1 day off and then 4 days of exams.  And of course we gathered ourselves in to our study groups – in this case 7 teams each of 6 people and 1 of 5 people.  My “Even More” team is multinational with Ireland, England, Denmark and US all represented.  We’ll be forming, storming, norming and performing over the next few days – the sooner the better!

Tomorrow the real work begins….

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