Dreams, Reality and a Dash of HP

As many of my family and friends know I’m a prolific dreamer.  No, not that staring starry-eyed into the sky and thinking and what might be… kind of dreamer – I’m talking about the night-time version.  We all dream of course, but I tend to remember many of mine.  Some days that’s a good thing and I can get something useful out of my dreams – a case in point being this post.  Other times it’s not so great as being dragged out of a window by your hair, into the pitch black, while screaming your head off, isn’t so pleasant.  I actually heard this weekend that bad dreams is a way for your mind and body to deal with stress – well that’s all very nice, but could my unconscious mind please find a slightly different way to do it that, that doesn’t scare the hell out of me please?!

Anyways back to todays post.  My dreams last night were very constructive.  My unconscious seemed to have decided I didn’t have enough time yesterday to work on either my presentations for my imminent NLP Trainers Training, or my blog posts for this coming week, and so it kindly alloted some dream time during the night for me to do that.   You’ll be hearing more about my presentations in the coming weeks as 22 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours and 21 minutes is almost up and I head for Las Vegas on Sunday to start my course…..  So today I’ll stick to the blog post I wrote in my dream.

Yesterday we went to see the final installment of HP – not the sauce, though that was convenient for this mornings picture, but rather the Mr Potter variety.  And before you worry I promise not to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet.  It’s a fantastic movie – certainly the best of the bunch.

But what the heck does Harry Potter have to do with NLP?  Well there’s a point in the movie where Harry meets Dumbledore.  Now that can’t be a big surprise – you all know he’s dead (was he killed by Snape or not?!), but how could anyone write the final book and not have good old Dumbledore reappear for good measure?  As it turns out he meets Harry in a dream like sequence on a very white, almost heaven-like, Kings Cross platform.  They have a long conversation and finally Harry asks him… “Is this all just happening in my head?”  And Dumbledore replies.  “Just because it’s going on in your head Harry doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

And I guess that’s my point for you to think on today.  Your mind – both conscious and unconscious – is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to achieve levels of success you might not even have imagined as possible.  My aim when I write is to entertain, but ultimately to INSPIRE you to believe that you are in control of your thinking and therefore your results, just as I am in control on my thinking and my results.  Dreams are just that, dreams.  It’s success in reality that counts.   

(Picture credit – NLP THIRTEEN, but thanks to HP for the bottle!)

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