3 minutes to save the world…

It’s that summer holiday time of year.  I’ve been loving the past 2 weeks of rest and relaxation.  My summer reading has covered a diverse selection of books, but the three that have had the most impact have been: Flourish, on the psychology of happiness and well-being; Still Alice, a moving depiction of a womans decline in to early onset Alzheimer’s; and finally (and yes you knew there had to be some NLP in there!) Introducing NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People  by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour, published back in 1990.  They came up with an interesting philosophy on what they would include if they were asked to boil NLP down to just a 3 minute seminar…

So to save the world and “…to be successful in life you need to remember 3 things”:

  1. Know what you want – have a clear idea of your goal in any and every situation.  A ship without a rudder will never find the right port.
  2. Be alert – keep your senses turned up to maximum sensitivity so that you notice even the smallest signs and signals from people, verbal and non-verbal, that let you know how they’re responding.  And don’t forget yourself, heighten your awareness of your internal images, sounds and feelings.  Be sensitive to whether you’re making progress towards your goal or….
  3. Have flexibility – keep changing what you do until you get what you want.  Having only one way to do things is no choice at all, so try another route. Persevere.

2min:59sec So get out there and don’t just save the world.  Instead create the world you want and make your dreams your reality.  Who else will if you don’t?

(Picture credit – NLP THIRTEEN)

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5 responses to “3 minutes to save the world…

  1. Thanx Jacqui, This morning I was feeling low until I read your 3mins to save the world. I now know the world is mine for the taking.Thankyou

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