How Do You Know? (Part I – That’s How You Know)

Happy Monday!  Working on a post over the weekend, on how you know if you’re doing a good job on something and similarly how you know if someone else did a good job, reminded me of a fantastic feel good Monday morning song from the Disney movie Enchanted – called ‘That’s How You Know’ and which has exactly ‘how do you know’ prominently in it’s lyrics. 

If you haven’t seen this lovely, hilarious movie (watch out for the prince and his slight issue with the cyclists in Central Park in the video) the quick version is a cartoon princess called Giselle falls down a well and pops up in New York as a real person, closely followed by a host of other cartoon characters……they all manage to convince us normal folks that we take life a bit too seriously.

Enjoy!  …..tomorrow normality is restored and I’ll be back to my serious self talking about Meta Programs and how do you know?


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