Anxiety, What Anxiety?!

What can I say, we love rollercoasters in our house!  Well not literally in our house obviously, but one in the garden would be nice.  This one at Legoland in Denmark did  make your hair stand on end…

As you can gather I am free of any phobia of rollercoasters.  But anxiety about a specific event is something that can affect many of us – be it in the lead up to a big presentation, an exam, a job interview or even meeting you prospective parents in law.  So here’s a neat little technique to rid yourself of that anxiety when it’s related to a specific event.

First ask yourself “What am I anxious about?”  Get into details by asking yourself “What specifically?”  If the event you’re anxious about is a presentation for example, then what specifically is it that made you anxious – is it standing up in front of a crowd, is it forgetting your words, is it that people might ask you questions you can’t answer, or is it something else?

Now I want you to sit back, relax and close your eyes.  Just suppose you could imagine floating out along a line into the future.  Out to a point in the future that’s about 15 minutes after you’ve successful completed that event about which you thought you were anxious.  See what you’ll see, hear what you’ll hear and feel, and I mean really feel, those feelings that you’ll feel when you’ve successfully completed that presentation.  Now step out of yourself and see yourself in the picture feelings those feelings of wonderful success….whatever success means to you in that context.

Now turn around 180 degrees on your line and just suppose that you could imagine looking back to now.  Now where’s the anxiety?  It’s gone, right?

If there’s still some then go back to your picture and make it more vivid – turn up the brightness, move the picture close to you or whatever makes it more vivid and compelling for you.  Remember you need to see, hear and feel real success – what is that for you?

Now, there may be part of you that thinks it’s important for you to have some anxiety to motivate you.  But does anxiety and fear really motivate you or does it actually sap more energy than it might create?  I think we’ve been here before with Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear, But Action Will.  The problem is that anxiety is not good for the body.  Are there other ways that would be OK for you to motivate yourself and let the anxiety go.

So go try it out, take action to get rid of that old anxiety and let me know your feedback…

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2 responses to “Anxiety, What Anxiety?!

  1. Thanks Love.
    I need to use this for next week when I have to present the Secure Web Gateway thing to the Management team.

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