Be Your Own Superhero (Theme Week – Episode 2)

So part of my challenge this week is to help you understand Personal Power and how to use it in the most effective way, with purpose behind it, and apply it towards achieving your goals.  So what does that have to do with superheroes, you might ask?  Well as you probably gathered in Episode 1 the power to achieve whatever you can contemplate is within you.   You couldn’t even imagine it if that wasn’t the case.  

The word ‘power’ can have both positive and negative connotations, but if we relate it to superheroes then it has to be positive and for your own and the greater good, right?  So is it possible that you are your own superhero without even realizing it?   Could you suppose that making a tiny change in your thinking could have a massive effect on your life and perhaps even the lives of those around you?  Remember that analogy of when a butterfly flaps its wings….?

One of my favorite inspirational authors, Serge Kahili King, writes on Huna, the Polynesian philosophy and practice of effective living.   I’ve mentioned him before in Three Golden Rules.  Now Huna may seem to be off my usual NLP track, but I think you’ll see below that there’s a certain philosophical similarity that fits perfectly when considering of Personal Power. 

From the Huna perspective Personal Power is the power to consistently and purposefully direct your own life and to take responsibility for doing that – doesn’t that sound sort of similar to the NLP version I wrote about in my last post?   Power can manifest in many ways, but in this case the essence of power is influence.  Of course it’s important to know where you’re going, to have well-formed and compelling goals and to have a vision of what success will look like.  But it’s also important to have some guidelines for developing and making the most of your Personal Power. 

Huna has 7 Principles, a bit like the Presuppositions of NLP, which you can apply in your quest for Personal Power and in channeling that power effectively to achieve your goals and your dreams.  Here are those principles with a few thoughts from me: 

  1. Be AWARE that the world is what you think it is.  Decide that YOU have the power to succeed.  Encourage the power of belief.
  2. Be free, because there are NO LIMITS (the only limits are created by you).  Give yourself the RIGHT to succeed.  Leave those limiting decisions and beliefs behind.  Develop the power of focus.
  3. Be focused, because ENERGY flows where attention goes.  Increase your DESIRE to succeed.  Focus on what it is you want and what you’ll have once you get it.  Cultivate the power of energy.
  4. Be here, because NOW is the moment of power.  As I said last week there is no past there is no future there is only now.  Start right now with a WILL to succeed.  Cherish the power of knowledge.
  5. Be HAPPY, because love is the source of power.  Enjoy and acknowledge the GOOD.  Why postpone happiness to tomorrow, when you could have it right now?  Nurture the power of optimism.
  6. Be CONFIDENT, because all the power comes from within.  Always TRUST yourself.   Foster the power of self-confidence.
  7. Be POSITIVE, because effectiveness is the measure of success.  Always expect the BEST.  The number one key to all success is the ability to take action….  Instill the power to take action.

Print them out and put them up, on the fridge, in a prominent place over your desk or even frame them beside your bed.  Repeat them – think about them – write them in your journal or even on your blog!  The important thing is to take a moment to consider each of these 7 Principles before your day begins, so you can prepare yourself and focus on the success you’re creating that day.  Remember that success, whatever it means to you, is to accomplish what you want in the way that you want.

[And now for a little fun – I’m sure there’s more than one of you out there that really wanted to know what type of superhero you would be in true comic book style.  If you feel the need then try out the quiz  Superhero Quiz #1.   And a BIG thank you to Matthew Merlin-Cone for letting me use the lovely photo!]

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