Inspiration from Oscar – Play the New You

2011 is rushing by and this coming weekend is the 83rd Academy Awards, hot on the heels of the BAFTAs in the UK and the Golden Globes last month.  I sometimes wonder if there’s any other industry that manages to celebrate itself so many times a year?  Well, this year Oscar got me thinking…

In my posts over the last couple of months I’ve been working hard to inspire you and to provide you with tools and ideas to change your life:

 –  to believe in yourself –  to shed those old limiting beliefs that held you back and create new empowering beliefs that support your goals –  to shake off those useless negative emotions you’ve carried around for so long – to leave behind making excuses and blaming others –  to consciously throw negative thoughts out of your mind and replace them with positive ones,

To put it quite simply – to get off your butt, take action and believe you will achieve your dreams.  Success is out there for you, if you want to grab it with both hands.

I’ve also been talking about how to connect and communicate with other people most effectively – building rapport, finding out what other people’s models of the world look like so you can work within it and, via perceptual positions, putting yourself in another persons shoes to understand how they perceive a situation.

If you choose to do so you can change your thinking and your behaviour instantaneously.  Now that’s real magic!  However, you need to retrain your brain to ensure that these new patterns become habits.  Your unconscious mind is an amazing thing and is the generator of your habits, but it can’t know you want something to become a habit when you’ve only done it once.  It needs you to do it a number of times and, as I said in the title, you need to consciously play the new you for a while.

So for an initial period you need to train your unconscious mind and consciously take action to generate the habit.  Now I’m not talking forever – depending on the change you’re making it could take a week, or it could take a month.   For example, we all have goals in life, but do we all take action to achieve them on a daily basis and so maximise our chances of success?  I decided I needed to focus on achieving a step, even if it was just a tiny step, on the right road each day.  So every morning I consciously asked myself – what am I going to do to achieve my goal today?  And every night as I went to bed I asked – what have I done towards achieving my goal today?  That took a conscious effort for the first couple of weeks to remember to ask myself those questions, but after that point my unconscious mind had created the habit that those questions would pop into my head morning and night.

The more you repeat the new pattern the faster your unconscious will get the message that this new thought process or behaviour should be a habit.  Ultimately it will be integrated at the unconscious level and away you go….  As time passes you stop thinking about the new behaviour consciously and your unconscious mind will take on the task to steer you in the right direction at the appropriate time.

So this week take some inspiration from Oscar, get out there and play the new you….it will only happen, if you make it happen.

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