Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear, But Action Will

I’m a very ‘ducks in a row’ kind of person, as one of my friends loves to remind me.  I adore organisation, planning, lists and calendars and I’ll be the last person to turn up to a meeting late, but if I do there’s a message in there!  As you can probably guess my writing and blog posts are equally planned and I usually have them written around a week in advance of posting, just to be on the safe side.

Today’s post was going to be about trust, as I mentioned in my post on Saturday.  But spontaneity kicked in and that all went out of the window yesterday when we saw the movie The King’s Speech (and let me just say if Colin Firth doesn’t get the Oscar for Best Actor, then Oscar will need his little golden head examined!).  And don’t worry the post on trust will be here, just on Wednesday instead.

So today’s title line comes from a quote by  W. Clement Stone and my topic from a British King who conquered his own fear of public speaking.  Royalist I am most definitely not, but a big fan of personal development and achieving something you hadn’t thought possible, I certainly am.  If you want some personal inspiration on the uselessness of fear, and the amazing perseverance and strength you can find within yourself to change, then go and see this wonderful film.  

Public speaking is frequently quoted as the number one fear – more feared than disease or even death.  Now let’s be clear here  – I can see why people would have some concerns about death, it being the end of the road and leaving your loved ones….. (depending on your beliefs of course).  But let’s be honest, why are so many people so darn afraid of getting up in front of people to speak?  Is it possible to die from embarrassment?   Does the heart racing, sweaty palms and knees knocking together do you any good? Does your fear serve any useful purpose?  Does it give you any wonderful benefits?  Do you allow your own fear to hold you back?  So does anyone create that useless fear for you, or is it your own thoughts?  And who’s in control of those?  You, by chance?

Now I can hear at least someone out there saying that fear keeps them safe.  Does it really?  If a big grizzly bear happened to saunter into your lounge one day would fear save you?  I think not.  Your immediate, and I mean immediate response, would be to get out of that room, close the door and run as hard as you could for safety.  Now perhaps that isn’t the best advice on what to do if you just happen to come nose to nose with a grizzly…….playing dead rings a bell, but you know what I mean.  It’s only when you stop running, the adrenalin ebbs, and you allow yourself to actually think about what just happened, that you’ll feel fear.  Up until that point it was your instincts and your unconscious fight or flight response that got your butt out of that situation.  Fear certainly didn’t protect you.

Next time you feel fear, take action!  It’s a ridiculous reaction, right?  One that could even make you laugh?  Can you remember the last time you really roared with laughter?  Or perhaps you could think of your old fear as a piece of paper that you can scrunch up and throw away over your shoulder, couldn’t you?  Suppose you could take action and direct your attention, your thoughts and therefore your energy in a more positive direction?  You’re the only one that can do that after all…..

“Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now.”  Christopher Paolini

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8 responses to “Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear, But Action Will

  1. Hi Jacqui – I love reading your stuff. I can certainly relate to this one… :o)

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