My Mother Thought I’d Joined a Cult! (a.k.a. What the Heck is NLP Anyway: Part II)

It’s true – when I first started to study NLP my mother really did think I’d joined a cult!  At the time I started my NLP Practitioner course none of my friends or family had ever heard of Neuro-linguistic programming.  Oh, but they all have now I can hear you cry!  The more I studied, the more passionate I got.  The more passionate I got, the less I talked about anything else.  And the less I talked about anything else, the more convinced my mother became that I’d joined a cult and was being brainwashed in some dastardly way!  

Apparently her reaction isn’t so unusual and I know I’m not alone in having family members who got something of a shock when one of their offspring started to study NLP.  Part of that shock comes from the fact that NLP has the potential to create seemingly magical change in people.  You can unload those negative emotions you’ve stored up and wasted so much energy carrying around for so many years.  You can let go of the limiting decisions that have held you back from achieving your goals, in some instances since you were a child.  You move towards being at cause, taking responsibility for your life and achieving results, instead of making excuses and blaming the world and other people for holding you back.  So is NLP magic?  It most definitely is, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the psychic or supernatural kind.  This is all rooted in your own self. 

As I covered in Part I of “What the Heck is NLP Anyway?”  on the simplest level you could call NLP advanced communication skills – with that communication being both within yourself and also with other people.  NLP provides a set of tools for you to increase your self-awareness and flexibility such that you can massively change how you perform in any chosen situation.    Think of how amazing it would be if you could be in charge of your internal (emotional) state all the time.  If you could connect, so easily and effortlessly, with other people such that you could communicate or sell any idea to them – be that a pay rise to your boss or getting the kids to go to bed on time!  If you could get out of that rut you’ve been in and clearly see exactly where your life is going and feel entirely happy with that direction.  One of the first things you learn in any NLP training is that there’s only one person in charge of your thoughts, your internal state and your behavior/actions, and that’s you! 

As Bruce Farrow so neatly puts it “NLP provides you with an instruction manual of how the mind works and introduces you to your unconscious mind.   It provides you with techniques that will support change in either your life or others and will give you a map of how to REALLY achieve success in your life. It will empower you with the art of TRUE communication that will allow you to understand and to influence your peers. It will allow you to make real changes easily in the way you work and live and provide you with the manual to fully achieving your potential.”

So, back to my mother.  My passion is most definitely still there and yes I do still talk about NLP a lot, though blogging is now challenging for the top spot in the conversation topic chart.  She does now understand that I most certainly haven’t joined a cult, but have instead found something that provides me with a fantastic toolkit and a host of ideas to achieve my dreams.  She would be extremely happy though if I could stop pointing out her limiting decisions every five minutes!

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