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When I was small my mother was working on gaining a degree with the Open University.  For those of you not familiar with this fantastic institution in the UK, this was and is an incredibly forward thinking educational group that pioneered distance learning.  They help you to work for a degree part-time from home, with lectures via TV programs (generally aired at insane times of the early morning and remember this was the days before video recorders were available at a cost feasible for the general population), tapes to listen to, telephone calls with your tutor and group sessions with fellow students and your tutor every now and again.

To get a degree with the OU was hard work, required dedication and you had to be incredibly self-motivated.  Sometimes Mum would tell people what she was doing – on top of running the home, looking after me and working intermittently – and these kind souls would say, in a rather condescending tone, “Oh, now that’s the degree you get by watching TV, right?”

Well while Mum churned out endless essays on art and literature this little dot was watching.  Now I wasn’t the fastest kid on the block, reading and writing didn’t come easy and it took until I was 7, with a lot of collaborative effort from Mum, Dad, Janet and John, for me to start to read and then also to start to write.   So up to that point squiggle was my preferred form of writing and while Mum was writing I was right beside her – generating pages and pages of very neat, line by line, squiggle.  Apparently you had to get up close before you realised that all these neat rows were not letters or words, but rather meaningless squiggle!

Obviously that training worked and once I could write I adored coming up with stories about children, animals and amazing adventures.  My teachers showed these tales to my classmates and asked why they couldn’t write these lengthy pages and pages of childhood nonsense – with this pretentious little soul smirking in the background.

So finally I’ve decided to return to writing.  Knowing me my blogs will be long, have way too many words in them and I’ll be convinced they’re fascinating and fantastic even if they’re not.  My current interest lies in NLP (which will be explained many times over later), but I’m sure other topics will creep in over time.

So welcome, thanks for reading and let’s catch up soon.

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